Martin's Other Compositions

In addition to Martin's songs he also writes music for drama. His music has been used for a number of theatre productions, film and a radio play.

He wrote a great piece of world music for a production of The Tempest. Click the note to start it playing.

This is part of his overture for Cinderella. He's written loads more for many productions, each has it's own flavour to enhance the directors approach to the performance.

He also wrote Walking in the Wind for the radio play "Fisher Women of Black Tar", which was aired in January 2003.

Last year he donated a song (the Mariner's Plight) to the R.N.L.I. to help raise funds for their Grace Darling Appeal. He has continued with this theme this year, his most recent project is the production of a promotional video for SARA (Severn Area Rescue Association). He has not just been the producer but also has written the music. Click the note to hear it.