More About Martin

Martin started playing the piano when he was 4, but it was when he was 10 he was introduced to the guitar, and music has been his passion ever since.

As you can tell from the previous paragraph, Martin is a multi-instrumentalist. He's mastered a few more in the mean time, he now can play 27 different instruments. Including the mandolin and banjo.

Additionally, he's a great teacher, passing on his expertise as a guitarist and vocalist. He encourages new talent to write as well as to perform. Occasionally he allows his students, when they're good enough, to accompany him at his gigs. Otherwise, he takes them to open mic nights or folk clubs where they can build up their confidence until they're ready to take on the world.

Martin is an enthusiastic and energetic performer, lifting his audiences. He is immensely versatile and able to play in pretty much any style the audience might want. He's a sensitive and passionate classical guitarist (Astorias is one of his favourite pieces to play) but, if you really want to see him light up, ask him to play bluegrass (the recording of him playing duelling banjos was made live and has only been cropped, nothing else has been changed).

He's a great interpreter of songs and he's an impressive songwriter too. His last two albums were recorded at the request of his fans who wanted to take his songs home with them. They're on at him again... they know that's he's only just scraped the surface of his writing prowess.

Don't underestimate this man. He's a phenomenal guitarist, a great singer, an amazing songwriter, but more than anything else he's a consummate performer.